About the innovator ERS

About the innovator

Electronic Record Services (ERS) is a SME based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded in 2007 by René Schippers. The focus of the company is to launch, together with an early adaptor/stakeholder, innovative health data management solutions that operate at the interface of healthcare, wellbeing and research being GDPR compliant by design, to deal with organisational challenges related to the secondary use of data. Delivery of related support services and strategic consultancy are part of the offering. 

What is the innovation

On top of an existing TRL 9 development framework (Gaston) an API was implemented to integrate the existing database system, using a generic schema that can deal with any data, with 1. a cloud service for patients/users (PHR-alike); 2. Devices for motion capturing and physiological values collection; 3. a rules engine to steer exercise execution intensity and 4. communication services like email, text messaging (SMS) and agenda functionality and 5. an Avatar driven user interface for Cardiac Rehabilitation training support.

Out of the lab. Into the market

Together with core stakeholders (CR-centres and patient advocacy groups) and based on lessons learned from the developed prototype, that was comprised of 11 components, a complete new product will be designed. The total number of 3 components: 1. Activity-heartrate tracking device; 2. App for Smartphone/tablet for practise-, communication- and PHR interface and ERS’ technology for decision support and data- and consent management, will make it possible to have a maintainable solution that can be offered as a service.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Steering in maturing the company resulted with focus on GDPR compliant data-management based on a well-defined use connecting healthcare, wellbeing and research. Now another logical step is about to be made in H2020-JTI-IMI2-2018-15-two-stage topic 2: Blockchain Enabled Healthcare, in which an excellent consortium ERS is part of will model the GDPR privacy by design principles for cross-enterprise use, using blockchain technology, giving the Citizen complete control over secondary use of data for the benefit of the individual concerned or Society.This innovation was funded via H2020 project PATHway

Team behind the innovation