iEHR-Suite consists of:

·     a Rapid Application Development tool to define user screens and Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for the integration using RESTful interfaces with other systems and services;

·     a tool to generate user screens with data-entry capabilities, a tool to generate questionnaires and a tool to publish API’s (RESTful-JSON);

·     a tool to configure and query iEHR for optimal use as EHR-Infrastructure (PATHway), use as an EHR in its own right and/or use as Registry for Clinical or Population Research focusing on Patient cohorts, Products, Diseases and outcome measurement;

·     a Rules Engine with tools for the definition of rules to execute Clinical Decision Support using all data in het EHR (Medication, Laboratory, disease specific data etc.) and to define Workflow;

·     communication modules for HL7 message based systems integration, automatically generated text notifications and email functionality;

·     interfaces for export of data for statistical analysis and

·     supporting persistence for data storage.